Videos of Presentations at the School of Computing

Southern Adventist University

The best way to get these is to right-click and save_as on your computer. Some of them are over a gigabyte, but they're all hosted on-campus so it won't hit your bandwidth limit.

Date Presentation Presenter
1/13/2022 Consulting 101 Charisse De Belen
1/12/2022 An Intro to Machine Learning Harvey Alférez
3/3/2020 How to Ace your Tech Interview Beth Valcarcel: CGIo
2/13/2020 Developing in 3rd World Countries Michael Babienco
12/5/2019 Using Graphical Network Simulator 3 to Build Virtual Networks Logan Bateman
10/1/2019 Introduction to Docker Alan Frye
3/26/2019 Getting Internships and Jobs - What is it like? Panel
10/23/2018 Preparing for your job interview (video)
Beth Valcarcel, CGI
10/23/2018 Preparing for your job interview (video)
Beth Valcarcel, CGI
4/26/2018 Unambiguous Programmatic Information Found on the Infrastructure of Communication Between Multiple Parties Michael Babienco
4/10/2018 You can publish NOW!
Interactive demonstrations using Mathematica
Ken Caviness
3/29/2018 The Advantages of a Computing Masters Degree Richard Halterman
9/7/2017 Building Blocks for Reactive Programming Richard Halterman
8/29/2017 Three Essentials of a Modern Programming Language Doug Beardsley
5/1/2017 Masters Defense: Robotics Craig Christiansen
4/25/2017 Good Code Still Matters Austin Brooks
4/13/2017 Intro to Android Programming Michael Babienco
4/11/2017 Mixed Reality in a VR World Trevor Erlich
2/6/2016 Know Thy Enemy
Defending against a world of hackers
Greg Sutherland
11/1/2016 Adventist Information Technology Herb Keller
10/11/2016 Herding Cats - Supporting 1,000's of Dispersed End Points: Part 1 of Local Opportunities in Enterprise IT Bill Richards & Andrew Cook
1/25/2016 The Development of Project Grade-Up Dalin Williams
12/8/2015 From the Frying Pan Into the Fire Vince Cantrell
10/15/2015 Interning at McKee Foods John Calhoun
Kenny Anderson
4/30/2015 Video: A Somewhat Techie Convo
Downloadable code
Michael Babienco
4/6/2015 From Southern Student to Microsoft Software Developer - Things I've Learned Steven Luu

Design and Implementation of Multi-Head Presentation Software for the iOS Platform
( Masters project defense)

Michael Babienco
1/20/2015 Language-Integrated Queries (LINQ) with C# Tom Ziesmer
11/13/2014 Biologically-Inspired Computing and its Applications Brian Schmidt
11/11/2014 Intro to iOS Programming Michael Babienco
10/14/2014 Internships - How & Why to Get One Paul Byrkit
9/16/2014 Functional Programming - A Different Way to Think Isaac Hermens
3/25/2014 A Great Time to be an Engineer: Crowdfunding, Wearables and the Full Stack Jon Sharpe
3/11/2014 How Technology can be Used to Help Accelerate the Completion of the Great Commission Steve Steele
10/15/2013 Software Product Line Engineering: An Introduction Dr. Edward (Mauricio) Alférez-Salinas
10/8/2013 Mathematica 9 in Education & Research Troy Schaudt
5/24/2013 What Can Amazon Web Service Do For You? Olin Blodgett
4/9/2013 Fixing Problems the Right Way, the First Time Michael Babienco
3/28/2013 Pachyderms and Paradigms Roberto Ordóńez
3/26/2013 The Day in the Life of a Flight Will Hughes
10/16/2012 My First Two Years Out of Southern - What I've Learned Tim Capps
10/2/2012 Scrum and Skype Tim Korson
4/26/2012 Top Ten Quirks of iOS and Android Development Michael Babienco
2/15/2012 Interview Skills for Computing Majors Greg Southerland, McKee Foods
11/15/2011 The Challenges of Being Regulated to Innovate Sharon Finney, Adventist Health Systems
10/17/2011 No More Spaghetti Code Steven Luu
3/17/2011 Kettering Health Network Jon Russell
1/13/2011 Reducing the Storage Requirements of Dataflow Constraints Rick Halterman
9/30/2011 HP as an Employer Fred Christiansen
11/9/2010 Internet Service at Southern Adventist University Doru Mihaescu
11/30/2010 VLAB - Virtualization in the School of Computing Scot Anderson
Willard Munger
4/5/2010 The Art of Not Building Software That You Don't Have To Tyler Kiley
3/17/2010 LaTeX Tyson Hall
2/1/2010 Corporate Data Security Sharon Finney
2/1/2010 Opportunities at Adventist Health Systems Brent Snyder
1/14/2010 Robot Vision - Helping Computers See Michael Dant
11/23/2009 ArcGIS and Archeology Scot Anderson
11/17/2009 Interacting with Executives - Advice for Technical Staff
Gordon Bietz
11/2/2009 Foundations of CIRC Computer Chess Vision Research Jason Neufeld
9/21/2009 Intro to Windows Presentation Foundation Joey Herrington / US Express
4/6/2009 Game Theory: An Othello Case Study Eric Polino
2/23/2009 iPhone Development Jason Neufeld
1/26/2009 LaTeX Tyson Hall
1/14/2009 Taming a Career While Working With Lightning David Klein
10/23/2008 The Seaside Heresy: Will GLASS be Your Next Web Framework? James Foster
4/16/08 Adventures in Silicon: 40 Years of Intel History Gary Beihl

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